#1 Decentralized cryptorepo platform

  • Generate income from lending
  • Raise liquidity against crypto collateral
  • Borrow crypto assets to go short

Your crypto assets are underutilized

Of crypto assets are currently
freely available* to borrow.
Is our target for % crypto assets
to be available to borrow.
* Currently 23 crypto assets out of > 1,400 are available to borrow on Bitfinex, Poloniex.

Make your assets
work harder

Earn interest by
lending crypto assets

Find someone to “rent” your crypto assets to on your terms. Your collateral is held safely by smart contract as escrow agent.

Raise liquidity
against your holdings

Get liquid assets without selling your long-term holdings. Expand your portfolio without additional equity.

Borrow crypto
assets to go short

Crypto assets are volatile. Make money from market going down - in any asset (not just the most liquid ones).

inventory gap

Borrow any asset* you need for market making. Use B2C and B2B liquidity to reduce short-squeeze risk and asset-lending price re-rating.
* Any Ethereum-based currencies to start with.

All will benefit

  • Individuals
  • Professional traders
  • Cryptominers
  • Crypto Funds
  • VCs
  • Institutional investors
  • Exchanges
  • Wallets
  • ICO projects
  • Mining pools

Enjoy tested
financial instrument
in crypto world

Repo Classic CryptoRepo

A repo is an agreement to sell assets and repurchase them on a specified future date ("maturity") at a pre-agreed price.

Economically repo is as a loan secured against collateral.

Repo markets are the oil that lubricates financial markets; more than $12 trillion repos outstanding in the US and Europe.

In a CryptoRepo transaction one party borrows digital tokens from another party and commits to return these assets with interest at a future date.

The Borrower provides crypto assets to the Lender as collateral, creating a secured digital transaction.

Collateral is custodied by a smart contract, that also acts as a clearing and settlement agent.

Meet Oxygen.
Welcome to the future

Oxygen is a blockchain-based decentralised marketplace for borrowing and lending crypto assets in a safe
and legally compliant way.



Connect to all market
players in a secure way.

Keep assets safe.
Reduce risk and cost.


Best practices
of financial markets

Enjoy standarts of GMRA — market protocol of real world repo. It has stood the test of time, including the Lehman bankruptsy.


Use of source Ethereum
crypto assets to start with.

Bitcoin and other to follow,
as cross-chain technology develops.


Trust and verify. Regulations ensure fair dealing and transparensy.

Oxygen is to be regulated under the DLT regime in Gibraltar.

We plan to register as an Alternative Trading System (ATS) in the US.

Integrated liquidity

Benefit from access to B2C
and B2B liquidity.

1,600,000 users of Changelly
to join first.