#1 Decentralized CryptoRepo Platform
Breathing new life
into crypto assets
  • Generate income from lending
  • Raise liquidity against crypto collateral
  • Borrow crypto assets to go short
Your crypto assets are underutilized
Crypto assets capitalization, grown 3200% since 2017.
Of crypto assets are currently freely available*
to borrow.
Is our target for % crypto assets to be available to borrow.
* Currently 88 crypto assets out of > 1,400 are available to borrow on Bitfinex, Poloniex.
Make your assets work harder
Earn interest by lending crypto assets
Find someone to “rent” your crypto assets to on your terms. Your collateral is held safely by smart contract as escrow agent.
Raise liquidity against your holdings
Get liquid assets without selling your long-term holdings. Expand your portfolio without additional equity.
Borrow crypto assets to go short
Crypto assets are volatile. Make money from market going down - in any asset (not just the most liquid ones).
inventory gap
Borrow any asset* you need for market making. Use B2C and B2B liquidity to reduce short-squeeze risk and asset-lending price re-rating.
* Any Ethereum-based currencies to start with.
All will benefit
  • Individuals
  • Professional traders
  • Cryptominers
  • Crypto Funds
  • Exchanges
  • Wallets
  • ICO projects
  • Institutional investors
  • VCs
  • Mining pools
Enjoy tested financial instrument in crypto world

A repo is an agreement to sell assets and repurchase them on a specified future date ("maturity") at a pre-agreed price.

Economically repo is as a loan secured against collateral.

Repo markets are the oil that lubricates financial markets; more than $12 trillion repos outstanding in the US and Europe.

In a CryptoRepo transaction one party borrows digital tokens from another party and commits to return these assets with interest at a future date.

The Borrower provides crypto assets to the Lender as collateral, creating a secured digital transaction.

Collateral is custodied by a smart contract, that also acts as a clearing and settlement agent.

Cash investor
Reverse repo rate
+ collateral
(UK government debt)
Bank receives spread between repo rate and reverse pro rate
Bank intermediary
Repo rate
+ collateral
(UK government debt)
Repo counterparty
Loan asset
Collateral asset is kept by Smart
Contract for the benefit of the Lender
Smart contract
Smart contract
(custody, settlement & escrow)
Loan asset
Collateral asset
Meet Oxygen.
Welcome to the future
Oxygen is a blockchain-based
decentralized marketplace for borrowing
and lending crypto assets in a safe and
legally compliant way.
  • Connect to all market players in a secure way.
  • Keep assets safe. Reduce risk and cost.
Best practices
of financial markets
  • Enjoy standards of GMRA - market protocol of real world repo. It has stood the test of time, including the Lehman bankruptcy.
Integrated liquidity
  • Benefit from access to B2C and B2B liquidity.
  • 1.600.000 users of Changelly to join first.
  • Deal in Ethereum crypto assets to start with.
  • Bitcoin and other to follow, as cross-chain technology develops.
  • Trust and verify. Regulations ensure fair dealing and transparency.
  • Oxygen is to be regulated under the DLT regime in Gibraltar.
  • We plan to register as an Alternative Trading System (ATS) in the US.
Transparent auditable straight-through processing
Oxygen is powerful and easy-to use. It combines web-applications and Ethereum smart contracts. Web-applications help drive centralized services and on-chain transactions.
Your assets are secure. All ETH private keys are held by client-side applications. Ethereum network guarantees collateral security and settlement.
Placement request
Loan request
Matching engine
System fee
Conditions /
Borrower rating DOWN
Borrower rating UP
Collateral realization
Risk management toolkit
Provides advisory on market
Order matching
Runs continuous auction
Smart contract
Acts both as custodian and clearing and settlement system
User rating system
Supplies trustworthy user ratings
Etherdelta Changelly
Close out management
Helps liquidate collateral upon default

A deal is defined as an event when both counterparties are registered by the matching engine and settlement is triggered by the smart contract under following conditions:

  • Type and amount of borrowed ERC20 tokens
  • Contract expiration date
  • Type of tokens used as a collateral
  • Interest rate

The lender specifies:

  • Asset and its size to be offered to borrowers
  • Collateral requirements
  • Borrower's minimum credit rating
  • Contract maturity date
  • Interest rate
  • If pooled offers are allowed
  • Proposal expiration time

The borrower specifies:

  • Asset and its size to be asked from lenders
  • Contract maturity date
  • Collateral to be settled
  • If pooled offers are allowed
  • Proposal expiration time

The matching engine has no access to private keys.

Intelligent system provides advisory on market based on market events - ceilings, floors and indicative rates for offer submission.

A set of web applications where participants interact with decentralized repo contracts.

The core of decentralized repo transaction. Security of assets is provided by Ethereum network. The smart contract acts as the settlement mechanism for deals that occurred through the public auction.

The rating system rewards and penalizes users proportionally to the deal’s volumes. A separate smart contract stores the rating data.

Close-out management helps exchange collateral into the original asset of the lender. It can be done either via a decentralized exchange (Etherdelta) or a trusted third-party service (eg Changelly)

System fee is paid in OXG tokens. Gas included.

Loan is transferred to borrower on collateral settlement.

The collateral is locked in the smart contract until the credit-event.

If the borrower fails to return borrowed tokens when the deal has expired, the deal is automatically considered as default. The lender will then be able to claim the collateral from the contract.

When the borrower successfully returns borrowed tokens with interest while the deal is still active (not expired), the deal is automatically considered as completed.

In case of a default the rating declines.

In case of a successfully closed loan the rating increases.

If the lender has specified this clause in the contract – automated realization.

Optional. If the lender has specified this clause in the contract the interest is paid from the collateral.

Interest is an agreed percentage of notional value of borrowed assets.

All transactions are secured and the lender will always receive the collateral in case of borrower’s default on payment.

Borrowed assets are returned to the lender via ERC20 contract interface.

The collateral is unblocked from the repo contract and is returned to the borrower.

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Meet the team
We are a team of financial and technology engineers who are passionate about blockchain technology and its impact on the future.
Alex Grebnev, CFA
Over 16 years of investment banking (Managing Director at Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs) and fintech experience;
MA Mathematics, CQF
Alex Melikhov
Over 14 years of serial entrepreneural experience in digital and fintech projects;
MSc Applied Mathematics
Nikolay Volf
Over 20 years of deep technology experience: Rust pioneer, a core developer of Parity Ethereum Client, PolkaDot;
Konstantin Gladych
Co-Founder and CEO of Changelly, instant cryptocurrency exchanger;
PhD Machine Learning
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